Why exercise is great for our skin!

Face tapping

Simple face tapping enhances lymphatic function and skin blood circulation. It includes gentle facial tapping with fingertips. Lymphatic drainage and collagen production increase. 

Pucker Up - or as they call it - The Pout

It may be trendy on social media, but it might tone your lips and mouth. This easy practice firms lips and reduces mouth wrinkles. You know how to pout. 

Make a fish face

This yoga resembles pouting. The pout exercise emphasizes the lips and mouth. The fish face works the cheeks too. It moves face muscles, particularly cheek muscles. 

Balloon pose

Cheek muscles are strengthened by puffing them up with air. Overall face muscles and blood circulation are targeted. This easy workout lifts and plumps cheeks. 

Eye circles

Through the use of this exercise, you may enhance the flow of oxygen to the regions surrounding your eyes. Efforts made to decrease dark circles and puffiness are beneficial. 

Easy Crow exercise

Eyelids and corner skin sag and wrinkle with age. People call this crow's feet. This technique reduces crow's feet around your eyes.

Forehead pressure

Tension from straining and frowning makes forehead wrinkles easier. Pressure on your forehead with your fingertips should lessen them over time.