Top 9 Most Strongest Animals In The World

African bush elephant can lift 6000kg

The strongest animal in the world is the African bush elephant, which is capable of lifting 6,000kg, its own body weight from lying down. Even their trunks can lift over 200kg, thanks to over 40,000 muscles.

Gorilla can lift 815Kg

Gorillas have massively strong arms from essentially giving themselves a constant workout. They use them to walk, climb and swing from trees daily, keeping those huge muscles toned. Males are bigger than females and can weigh up to 200kg when fully grown.

White rhino can lift 800kg

Adult male rhinos can weigh between 1,800 and 2,500kg, and females 1,800 to 2,000kg, which is more than your average family car. It's hard to measure how strong a white rhino is, but it is estimated that one can pull a weight of between 800 and 1100kg.

Musk ox can lift 900kg

An adult musk ox can range from 180 to 410kg and likes to engage in a spot of head-butting when fighting off predators. Their powerful head and neck muscles can deliver a mighty blow, and those horns can do some serious damage too.

Tiger can lift 550Kg

Perhaps surprisingly, the tiger is the most powerful big cat on our list. More agile and faster than a lion, a tiger is capable of bringing down prey twice its size. They are also incredibly muscular and are capable of running at speeds up to 65km/h in short bursts.

Grizzly bear can lift 500Kg

Thanks to a combination of leg strength and power, the grizzly bear is an impressive hunting machine. A fully-grown adult can lift 227kg with just one paw and has the strength of five strong humans.

Lion can lift 450kg

Size-wise, fully-grown male lions can weigh between 150 and 250kg, and females are slightly smaller at between 120 and 180kg. Their powerful jaws and leg muscles mean they can drag larger animals over short distances.

Polar bear can lift 450Kg

Adult male polar bears can grow to be anywhere between 300 and 700kg, while females are generally smaller at between 150-350kg. They have very powerful jaws for hunting, although they aren't particularly good at catching seals their preferred prey.

Leopard can lift 125kg

The average male leopard weighs somewhere between 30 and 70kg, and the largest ones are capable of lifting a hefty 125kg using their strong jaw muscles and powerful legs and claws. Leopards need this strength to pull their larger prey up into trees