Top 8 Low-Maintenance Pet Bird Species

Easy to handle and interact with, medium-sized, simple to clean up after. Require a healthy diet and UV light for vitamin D.


Easy to handle, happiest in groups, need a roomy cage for flying and playtime. Quiet companions, minimal noise.


Small, don't like handling, require a healthy diet and adequate cage space for flying. Quiet birds with various varieties to choose from.


Easy to keep, bonds well with caretakers, loves attention and toys. Clean and less messy than larger birds.


Intelligent, trainable to do tricks, enjoys out-of-cage playtime and toys. Entertains itself well and needs a spacious cage.


Small and charming, don't need a pair but enjoy human interaction. Require a spacious cage and bird-safe toys.


Devoted to caregivers, values freedom, okay with some alone time. Needs out-of-cage time and engagement.

Pionus Parrot

Calm and social, different from budgies, 'mess-free'. Enjoys interacting with caretakers and spending time together.

Lineolated Parakeet