Top 7 Handsome Wedding Haircuts for Men

Famous Waves

In this case, it's better to get a trim two weeks before and for the day of the wedding style it natural with products. You may appear like yourself in this stylish, traditional wedding day outfit.

The Leading Part

Remember that these are your wedding pictures that last forever, and classic haircuts never die. A modern classic haircut is always good. Side portion, scissor cuts, and length on top. It should push over.

Short Afro

A mid-length afro shows natural texture instead than plucking for volume. It's trendy yet polished for a wedding. "Coarse hair works well with leave-in conditioners and shine

Controlled Buzz

A self-cut buzz cut isn't one length like a barber's. Maintaining somewhat longer top hair than sides can highlight your bones.

Waves on Top

A styling cream is an easy way to enhance your hair,” adds Casey. No hold, but form, they work for all hair lengths. Creams effectively de-frizz and maintain natural

The Slick-Back

Slicked-back hair is a traditional special event look for guys, but the product matters. Gels make hair seem moist, so avoid them. 

Shine On

Shine pomade is great for weddings because it's dressier,” adds Casey. If you normally use matte clay or paste, switching to a glossy pomade for your wedding