Toll House 7 Chocolate Chip Cookies Made Easy

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Nestle's Semi-Sweet Toll House Morsels are rare in Europe since stores sell dark chocolate chips. Instead of dark chocolate chips, choose semi-sweet at an American expat store.


Any American all-purpose flour works in this recipe. Avoid bread flour since its greater protein concentration makes cookies chewy.


It looks hard to choose the correct butter to use, yet it should be quite easy. You can get a high-quality butter tub or container and weigh it afterwards.

Granulated Sugar

Most places in the world have easy access to granulated sugar. Use a course sugar in its place if white granulated sugar is unavailable. That would need to be ground in a food processor, though.

Dark Brown Sugar

We were lucky to discover a great British-made dark brown sugar product at a nearby expat-friendly store, as dark brown sugar is not typically used in Portuguese baking.


Although we have observed that large eggs weigh a few grams more in Europe than in the US, this difference has no discernible effect on the recipe. 


As previously mentioned, we adore salt for adding zest to chocolate chip cookies. Whether you enjoy salt or not, this component is necessary.