These Are 9 Annual Flowers That Can Take the Cold

1. Calendula

Calendula's coin-like, brilliant yellow or golden blossoms signal spring. This colorful, easy-care annual doesn't mind chilly weather. Calendula thrives in cool conditions and blooms till summer arrives.

2. Osteospermum

Add color to your spring or autumn garden with Osteospermum. This beautiful plant, sometimes known as African Daisy, has stunning single or double daisy-like blooms in vibrant hues and bicolors.

3. Pansy

So irresistible! Pansies available in different hues and bicolors with adorable facial motifs on the petals. Pansies grow 6 8 inches (15 20 cm) tall and are suitable for container gardening or mass plantings around trees or sidewalks.

4. Dianthus

Annual Dianthus puts on a nonstop exhibition of color in cold conditions. Small yet resilient, these attractive plants may blossom after a mild cold. Most annual Dianthus are 6 10 inches (15 30 cm) tall and have fragrant pink.

5. Petunia

Petunias are tough plants that do best when it's cool outside, even though you might not think of them as cool-weather annuals. Because of this, Petunias are often grown in the fall and winter.

6. Swiss Chard

Has "it almost looks good enough to eat" ever been said? It's true for Swiss Chard! The strong red, yellow, white, or orange stems of this salad garden staple look great with early-bird bloomers like Pansy or Dianthus.

7. Flowering Kale

Bold and lovely! That describes Flowering Kale's fluffy, colorful leaves. Flowering Kale creates a thick pile in green, blue, purple, pink, and cream and blends with other early bloomers. Plant in pots or the ground.

8. Dusty Miller

Soft, silvery Dusty Miller foliage contrasts well with vivid cool-weather annual flowers. This filler plant is ideal for mixed planters and baskets. These plants are 6 9 inches (15 22.5 cm) tall with velvety, scalloped silver leaves.

9. Snapdragon

Fill pots, planters, baskets, and beds with Snapdragons to start the garden's color display. Snapdragons come in dwarf, regular, and trailing kinds with jewel-like hues that virtually jump out of the garden.