These 8 Horse Breeds Make a Great First Horse for Kids

Shetland Pony

Children love Shetland ponies for their small stature, toughness, and lively dispositions.

Welsh Pony and Cob

All sizes of Welsh ponies can serve as good juvenile mounts. A youngster could ride a little Welsh pony to a somewhat larger Welsh cob and progress from childhood to maturity.

Pony of the Americas

The unique quality of the pony of the Americas is that it is a breed unique to North America, raised especially for young riders.

Miniature Horse

Handling little horses is enjoyable. For larger youngsters, they are not appropriate due to their small size.

American Quarter Horse

Due of its adaptability and laid-back nature, the American quarter horse despite not being a pony is a very well-liked family horse.


Another full-sized breed that can be an excellent kid-friendly horse is the appaloosa. This breed's calm, sensitive nature makes them ideal for a child's mount.

Paint Horse

Paint horses are full-sized horses with a strong American quarter horse ancestry.


Particularly for novice riders, Morgan horses make wonderful family horses.