The Top 9 Most Colorful Annual Flowers for Your Home Garden


Zinnias, a genuine annual, are simple to cultivate from seed and reseed, making them a lazy gardener's pleasure. Zinnias in butterfly gardens may attract hummingbirds.


These easy-care flowers are perfect for containers, pots, window boxes, hanging baskets, and garden beds. They come in gorgeous pinks, reds, whites, yellows, and purples.


No deadheading or trimming is needed for these delicate white, pink, and red blossoms. In October, you may bring them inside or dig out their tubers for next year.


These drought- and heat-tolerant blooms are ideal for Southern gardeners. These beauties can withstand the warmest days. In warmer climates, they'll thrive into October.


They come in brains, fans, plumes, and pink, red, orange, and yellow. They grow quickly and are very low-maintenance.


These sweet, feminine flowers grow taller and quicker as you cut them, so your garden will have gorgeous pink, white, or purple petals all summer.


These vibrant little flowers will spruce up your front yard, porch, or pathway. These carefree blooms may be grown or potted and will continue to bloom for months.


These little flowers with delicate petals are perfect for darker regions of your yard that don't get much light. Plant them in your favorite shaded place for summer blossoms.


Want the most for your money? Each summer, these vigorous orange and yellow flowers generate many blooms. Expect 15+ blooms per plant.