Learn how to preserve excess eggs by freezing them, ensuring they stay fresh for months, especially useful if you have chickens or accidentally over-purchased.

Why Freeze Eggs

Freezing eggs in their shells is a no-go as the shells will crack due to expansion. It's essential to remove the eggs from their shells before freezing.

Avoid Freezing in Shells

Discover two methods for freezing whole eggs based on your usage needs: individual eggs in ice cube trays or multiple eggs beaten together and stored in containers.

Freezing Whole Eggs

Understand the importance of adding a pinch of salt or sugar to prevent gelatinous textures when yolks freeze, with precise measurements provided.

Adding Salt or Sugar

Learn how to freeze egg whites individually in ice cube trays or in bulk in containers, perfect for future recipes requiring only egg whites.

Freezing Egg Whites

Follow steps to freeze egg yolks with added salt or sugar in ice cube trays, ensuring convenient portions for recipes.

Freezing Egg Yolks

Discover the best methods for thawing frozen eggs, including overnight in the refrigerator or under cold water, with tips for optimal use.

Thawing Frozen Eggs

Explore delicious recipes to utilize thawed frozen eggs, including Farmers' Market Frittata, Breakfast Egg Muffins, Cheesy Sausage, Egg, and Hash Brown Casserole, and All-Time Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Recipes with Frozen Eggs