The 9 Worst U.S. Cities for Retirement

1. Beverly Hills, California

It may not be surprising that Beverly Hills is one of the worst US retirement destinations. The typical property in this star-studded metropolis costs over $6 million, so your retirement savings better be soaring.

2. Bridgeport, Connecticut

Bridgeport's health care system is beneficial for retirees, but it's not retirement-friendly in other ways. It has a high cost of living and little social and recreational opportunities for senior citizens.

3. Kahului, Hawaii

Kahului, Hawaii, has the second-highest income tax in the nation, making it unsuitable for retirees. Less than 18% of Kahului residents are over 65, while the typical house costs over $920,000.

4. Newark, New Jersey

A poor hospital system, lack of retirement-friendly activities, low affordability, and low quality of life all factor into Newark being one of the worst places to retire. 

5. San Bernardino, California

Even though San Bernardino has one of Southern California's lowest cost-of-living rankings, it may not be a desirable retirement spot. Without a top-ranked health care system, a thriving neighborhood.

6. Detroit, Michigan

Some lists include Detroit as a desirable destination to retire because of its cheap taxes and cost of living, but they shouldn't be the only factors. Detroit has inadequate health care and quality of life.

7. Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver is more expensive than much of Canada. Even without an income tax, the pricey property market (average house price slightly under $500,000), traffic, dismal weather, and subpar health care make it a poor retirement destination.

8. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is unfriendly to seniors due to high housing and grocery costs and the eighth-highest state tax load. However, residents may be drawn to the Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland Medical College health systems.