The 9 Best Burgers in America, According to Chefs


Fame and fandom surround In-N-Out. This burger business can compete with the greatest in the country. According to Cherry Bombe Podcast Network presenter Jessie Sheehan, a famous cookbook author, recipe creator, baker.

Shake Shack

Fast food burgers may sometimes satisfy the itch like nothing else. With a Royale with Cheese on the menu at Le Chick in Miami, chief chef Jean Drew Rivas says it's a testimony to Shake Shack's trademark consistency.

Five Guys

New York City's LittleMad executive chef claims consistency and dependability are unmatched: "I usually go to Five Guys, even though there are numerous burger joints.

SilverLake Bistro

Brad Kilgore, the famous Miami chef behind MaryGold's, believes SilverLake Bistro has the tastiest burger. "It's a mom-and-pop vibe and a total hidden gem," adds. "I wish there were more restaurants like this one around town."

Laha's Red Castle

Kentucky hides the "best cheeseburgers in the world". Mr. Tubs' Bardstown chef Newman Miller recommends Laha's Red Castle's cheeseburgers in Hodgenville. "A well-aged griddle, just the right amount of pepper.


Houston's Katami chef Manabu "Hori" Horiuchi visits Bludorn for burgers. "My favorite burger is the dry-aged burger from Bludorn," the chef adds, praising its simplicity with aged cheddar, short rib, Dijonnaise, and caramelized onions.

Le Tub

Adrienne Grenier, head chef at Burlock Coast at the Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale, says nostalgia makes the tastiest burgers. Like at Le Tub, her hometown Hollywood, Fla.'s tropical paradise restaurant.

Father's Office

Grenier orders the Father's Office burger in Santa Monica. "The original Father's Office in Santa Monica is my second favorite burger. The Gruyere-blue cheese combination, dry-aged beef.


The co-founder of Emily Brooklyn and Zoe Tong in Austin, Matt Hyland, enjoys "fat burgers," like those at Emily, but also loves smash burgers at NFA Burger in Dunwoody, Ga., outside Atlanta.