Our favorite refreshing foods when the weather is warm


Ceviche—raw fish marinated in citrus juice(s)—is the ultimate summer seafood meal since it doesn't require cooking. Raw shrimp, sea bass, grouper, catfish, and cod are blended with peppers, red onion, and other chopped ingredients.

Chicken salad

Chicken is fantastic on the barbecue, but heated chicken will make you sweat. Instead, refrigerate the cooked bird and incorporate it into a chicken salad.

Cold sub

Skip the heated sandwiches and go with a chilled sub instead. It may include ham, turkey, roast beef, salami, or any other meat—or mix of meats—or you could have a vegetarian option!


Summer sides like coleslaw are our favorites. Not only is it good and kind of like a salad with mayonnaise, but it's one of the few cold (and refreshing) dishes at a picnic.

Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are a fun summer snack during your next BBQ. They'll wow because they look more work than they are. For a simpler method to consume protein, try hard-boiled eggs, which take less steps!


Since there are so many chilled dips, we'll group them together. Hummus and queso are usually served warm, especially fresh, but many prefer them cold.


Nearly any fruit may be pleasant on a hot day because it's primarily water and hydrates you.