9 US States So Expensive They Aren t Worth Moving To

Hawaii: High cost of living, expensive housing, and limited job opportunities make it difficult for newcomers.

California: Skyrocketing housing prices, heavy traffic, and high taxes deter many from relocating.

New York: Exorbitant rent prices, congested streets, and steep living expenses make it challenging for newcomers.

Massachusetts: High cost of living, especially in cities like Boston, combined with harsh winters, can be discouraging for potential movers.

Alaska: Remote location, harsh climate, and expensive goods and services make it a challenging state to settle in.

Connecticut: High property taxes, expensive housing, and limited job growth make it less attractive for new residents.

New Jersey: High property taxes, expensive real estate, and congested roads make it a less desirable place to move to.

Maryland: High cost of living, particularly in cities like Bethesda and Rockville, can be prohibitive for newcomers.

Washington, D.C.: Expensive housing, high cost of living, and intense competition for jobs make it a difficult place for newcomers to establish themselves.