9 Simple & Easy-To-Do And Flattering Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Slicked Low Ponytail

While low, dishevelled ponytails and ultra-high, sleek ponytails are fashionable, this ponytail combines the two styles beautifully and looks great on curly hair.

Clipped Side Part

This style, which gives off an Old Hollywood shine when the hair is entirely on one side, allows ladies with long, curly hair to walk on the more subdued side—at least on one side.

Corset French Braid

In order to get a pulled-back, secured low ponytail, this style calls for French braiding, which is then secured for a cinched finish.

Woven Scarf Braid

The ability to do fun things that are easier than they seem and enjoy how deceptively intricate they look is one of the best things about having curly hair.

Curly Top Knot

It's as easy as gathering your curls into a high, sleek bun and securing it. Take a few and leave

Inside-Out Ponytail Updo

Three ponytails stacked on top of each other create the base of this easy yet stylish updo.

Perfect Messy Bun

Your naturally curly hair can be twisted into the ideal, carefree hairdo for any occasion with this high updo. Your hair stays up and out of your face thanks to it.

Tied with Ribbons

Whether worn in a fast half-up style or a French braid like this one, we adore the delicate look of thin velvet ribbons.

Bobby Pin Details

By strategically using bobby pins as an accessory, you can achieve significant style points with little work!