9 Full Sun Annuals for Patios and Window Boxes

Sun or Shade Caladium

These vibrant foliage plants thrive in both sun and shade, preferring moist but not constantly wet soil. They can serve as thrillers or fillers in containers and their colors can vary depending on growing conditions.

Ladybird Calylophus

Named after Ladybird Johnson, these heat and drought-tolerant annuals produce masses of large, colorful flowers with contrasting frilly foliage. Ideal for sunny locations, they spread up to 20 wide.

Augusta Lavender Heliotropium

Known for its beauty and toughness, this heliotrope is heat and humidity tolerant, flowering abundantly and emitting a delightful fragrance in warm, sunny conditions. It grows 6-12 tall and spreads 12-24 .

Safari Jamesbrittenia

A heat-tolerant South African native, Safari Jamesbrittenia features bicolor blooms perfect for landscapes and containers