9 Best International Foods You Can Score at Costco Right Now

Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Mac and Cheese

Discover Sabatino Tartufi's truffles beyond Kraft and Annie's boxed mac. A premium boxed lunch combines American-style mac & cheese with black truffle. At $16.99 for three 9.16-ounce boxes.

Polenghi Italian Volcano Organic Lemon Juice

This Italian product is hand-harvested at the base of Mt. Etna in Sicily. Since it includes 100% organic lemon juice, keep it out of the sun and consume it quickly. 

Galler Spring Edition Mini Chocolate Bars

These Belgium-imported small chocolate bars in milk chocolate hazelnut, dark chocolate praline, milk crispy, dark coffee, and dark orange tastes were enjoyable in the candy and chocolate aisle.

Papouis Halloumi Cheese

Look for this robust Cyprus cheese in the cheese area. This versatile cheese may be grilled or fried. It may be eaten as-is, in a salad, or with honey as an appetizer. The two 8.8-ounce packets cost $6.99.

Halloren O's

The oldest and "coolest" chocolate factory in Germany makes these chocolate nibbles, bonbons, or anything. In the 22-ounce bag are chocolate-enrobed cookies and cream and brownie bits.

La Vie Mediterranean Flatbread

This Mediterranean flatbread from Turkey (imported via Lyon, France) combines pizza with pide. It was wonderful when I sampled it. With 10 in a box, you'll always have one to bake as an appetizer.

Dessert Italiano Tiramisu Cups

These tiramisu cups with "Product of Italy" in the corner are ready-to-eat desserts at the deli. The best spot for Tiramisu! You can get six cups on Instacart for $12.89.

Pulmuone Crispy Potato Corn Dogs

These Korean street food, or K-street food, are called corn dogs but contain no hot dogs or sausage. It's a vegetarian mozzarella stick with potato pieces. Each is individually packaged for fridge storage.

Pots and Co. Peach and Almond Crumble

These frozen peach and almond crumbles are at Midwest Costco, but the London brand's pot de crème may be available nationally. Michelin-starred chefs make these frozen dessert crumbles.