9 Beautiful Braids for Short Hair Styles

Chic Side French Braid

Create a side part and do a small French braid on one side. Secure with a bobby pin after 4-5 inches of braiding for a neat, pretty, and understated look.

Edgy Micro Braids

Micro braids are perfect for a night out. They keep hair away from your face while adding bounce and movement, giving an edgy vibe without the commitment of an undercut.

Princess Crown Braid

Channel your inner princess with a crown braid. Gather hair from the crown and do a loose plait on each side, securing with bobby pins for a fairy-tale look.

Dutch Lace Half-Up Braid

Combine a half-ponytail with a Dutch lace braid for a chic and laidback style. This look is great for showing off highlights and adding some oomph.

Twin Fishtail Braids

Beat the heat with twin fishtail braids. Perfect for short to medium-length hair, this style keeps you cool and stylish, even during the awkward growing phase.

Dainty Half-Up Fishtail Ponytail

Opt for a delicate half-up fishtail braid ponytail for a sweet and dainty look. Perfect for coffee dates or casual gatherings, it’s intricate yet doable.

Twin Half-Up Fishtail Braids

Create twin half-up fishtail braids for a textured and dynamic look. Braid sections from each side of your head, then combine them at the back for a stylish finish.

Bob With Baby Braids

Add a summer vibe to your bob by braiding small sections on each side. As you braid, add more hair to keep the braids secure and stylish.

Braided Bangs

Tame growing bangs by braiding them. Part deeply on one side and braid along your hairline, securing with an elastic for a polished, eye-catching look.

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