8 Wild Animals That Are Not As Safe As People Think


Soon after delivery, moms of baby tigers used for cub-petting encounters or photo ops at tourist traps are frequently taken from their mothers.


Numerous bears in roadside zoos around the nation are confined to cramped enclosures with concrete floors or pits for their whole lives. 

Seals and Sea Lions

Given that they can get "kisses" from sea lions at the county fair, why wouldn't people rush up to pet ones who are sleeping on the beach?


Young elephants are beaten into submission at fake "sanctuaries" all around the world, after which they are made to let tourists to ride on their backs.


In a touch tank, every aspect of a marine animal's existence is fake. These creatures lack the ability to carry out essential natural behaviors for their survival, such as swimming great distances


Dolphins kept in cramped swimming pools or dirty marine pens are the only accommodations available to them at "swim with dolphins" attractions.


Kangaroos, like all other wild animals, cannot survive in small, desolate spaces. News sources across Canada revealed in 2016 that a kangaroo at a touring petting zoo started foaming at the mouth


Given that it seems acceptable to touch any animal in an interactive aquarium, why not choose to handle an octopus? When a budding social media celebrity decided to record herself trying to eat a live octopus