8 Things That Disappeared From Society And Nobody Noticed

Knowing Our Neighbors

Thanks to technology, living a life less reliant on knowing the people next door has become possible, and neighborhood camaraderie has become less common.

CD/DVD drives in laptops

These large add-ons are being eliminated as digital storage and streaming gain popularity, signaling the end of the period in which physical media were supreme.

Toys in Cereal Boxes

The excitement of finding a toy in your cereal box has given way to virtual prizes.

9–5 Turned Into 8–5

An increase in labor standards has resulted in a change from the conventional 9–5 weekday, which included a paid lunch, to an 8–5 workday that demands more time without further remuneration.

Arizona Tea for $0.99

Due to inflationary pressures, some retailers are choosing to replace Arizona Tea's recognizable $0.99 price tag with smaller or more expensive options.

Longevity in Careers

Career longevity is rare in areas like entertainment, where years of hard work and skill are often eclipsed by the ongoing search for younger, less expensive talent.

Swarms of Monarch Butterflies

Once widespread, monarch butterflies are now rare because to habitat loss and pesticide use.

L33t Speak

With the introduction of smartphones and their intuitive keyboards, the peculiar language known as L33t Speak—which was created out of necessity on small keypads—has become obscure.