8 Signs of Venomous Snakes in Your Yard

Sighting of Shed Skin:

Shed snake skin found in your yard warns of snake presence, crucial in identifying species like the highly venomous Eastern Brown Snake in Australia.

Snake Tracks:

Trails or slither marks in sandy areas, especially during summer, indicate the presence of snakes such as the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake.

Hissing Sounds:

Some venomous snakes, like the Mozambique spitting cobra, emit hissing sounds as a warning when threatened, though uncommon in the U.S.

Sudden Movement in Grass:

Quick rustling movements in grassy areas signal snake presence, characteristic of species like the Gaboon viper in its natural habitat.

Holes in the Ground:

Small holes in yards can serve as entrances to snake burrows, potentially inhabited by species like rattlesnakes.

Snake Sighting:

Spotting a snake, particularly near sheltered areas or basking in sunlight, is a direct indicator of their presence, such as the California Red-Sided Garter.

Presence of Prey:

Abundant rodents, frogs, or insects attract snakes in search of food, heightening the likelihood of encounters in residential areas.

Disturbed Birds and Pets:

Agitated domestic or wild animals focusing intently on specific spots may signal the presence of a nearby snake, similar to reactions observed in intelligent birds like ravens.