8 Shadow Fade Haircuts That Are Trendy & Professional

Classic style is always right. Although the oldest, it is still trendy. Suits and formal clothing look good with it. A medium fading and medium-deep portion are on the sides.

Classic Shadow Fade

Curly men look great with burst shadow fades. It will control and accentuate your frizzy curls. The curls should be on top, but they're short. 

Burst Shadow Fade

A shadow fade with waves is simple to style. The sides should fade short and the top classy. The sides should be practically hairless for optimal results. 

Shadow Fade With Waves

High shadow fades begin closer to the head than classic fades. This fade is more dramatic than the standard one and looks great on round or square faces. 

High Shadow Fade

A shadow temp fade gradually lowers temples to sideburns. Temples are the focus, while top hair should be medium or short. 

Shadow Temp Fade

A subtle shadow skin fade looks great on curly and straight hair. Fade from the bottom around the ears and neck. It should fade and mix with the top. 

Low Shadow Skin Fade

Adding a shadow fade portion is great. However, a stylish side part haircut enhances the style. Keep fades modest and tapered.

Shadow Fade With Part

You must grow your hair to create this haircut. After the barber fades your hair, you can brush it back. 

Low Shadow Fade With Brushed Hair Back