8 Rude Guests That Got a One-Way Ticket Out the Door

Watching Adult Videos on a Borrowed Laptop

A guest borrowed a laptop to check email but watched inappropriate content instead, shocking the host.

The Toothbrush Thief

Toothbrushes are meant for personal use, and it s generally understood that they re not to be shared. However, one guest seemed oblivious to this rule.

The Dog Food Thief

While I don't condone theft, guests may sometimes unintentionally take items from a house. However, it's perplexing why someone would consume dog food. According to one online user, "(The guest) actually ate the dog's kibble.

Wooden Growth Chart Changes

Family rituals such as keeping track of a child's growth on a chart hold special significance. However, one visitor showed little regard for these traditions. An exasperated individual shared online, "Imagine, a grown adult...

Stripping to Bare Minimum

A netizen recounted a childhood incident, saying, "At 14, our landlord visited our apartment to repair the toilet. To our surprise, he proceeded to work in nothing but his boxers."

Not-so-Organic Fertilizer

One attendee recounted her own unfortunate role as the unwelcome guest. She recounted, "I found myself in the guest's shoes once, when I inadvertently fertilized a British couple's rose garden with a gallon of red wine and truffle stew.

Bathroom Faux Pas

Violating bathroom etiquette is a surefire method to find yourself permanently excluded from future invites. The mishaps are numerous and unpleasant, ranging from clogging the toilets to using a hand towel as toilet paper.

Drugging the Family Dog

If you notice a dog appearing sad, the solution certainly isn't to administer medication. However, during one visit, a guest took on the role of an amateur veterinarian.