8  Polite Habits Many People Dislike Secretly 

Avoids Eye Contact:

Eye contact is a key element of communication, showing engagement and interest. When someone avoids making eye contact with you, it might indicate they are uncomfortable or disinterested in your presence.

Off Body Language:

Body language often reveals true feelings. Signs such as crossing arms, leaning away, or avoiding direct positioning during conversation can indicate discomfort or disinterest. 

Rarely Initiates Conversation: 

Engaging in conversations is a way to show interest in someone. If a person consistently avoids starting conversations with you, it may reflect a lack of interest or hidden negative feelings.

 Backhanded Compliments: 

Compliments should be positive and uplifting, but backhanded compliments are disguised insults. Phrases that seem complimentary but contain underlying criticism.

Avoids Spending Time: 

Spending time together is a sign of interest and connection. If someone frequently makes excuses to avoid hanging out with you, it could indicate they don t enjoy your company. 

 Forgets Personal Details: 

Remembering personal details shows attentiveness and care. When someone consistently forgets important information you ve shared, such as your birthday or your favorite book.

Dismissive of Your Feelings: 

Mutual respect is essential in any relationship. If someone regularly dismisses your opinions and feelings, showing little interest in understanding your perspective, it suggests they do not value your thoughts.

Constantly Competitive: 

While some competition is healthy, excessive competition where someone always tries to outdo you can indicate hidden dislike. This behavior suggests they see your success as a threat .