8 Mistakes You re Making With Canned Tuna

Not Buying Sustainable Tuna:

Ensure your tuna is sourced from sustainable fisheries to support eco-friendly practices and protect marine life. Look for labels indicating responsible sourcing, now commonly found even in local grocery stores.

Not Trying Different Flavors of Mayo:

Boost your tuna salad by trying diverse mayo flavors like chipotle lime or lemon herb. These variations add depth and excitement, transforming a basic dish into a gourmet experience.

Not Choosing Low-Sodium Tuna:

Opt for low-sodium canned tuna to manage your salt intake, especially important for heart health. If unavailable, rinse regular tuna under water to significantly reduce sodium content.

Eating Too Much Tuna:

Limit tuna consumption due to its mercury levels, balancing your diet with other protein sources. Regular intake is safe, but overindulgence can pose risks, particularly for vulnerable groups like pregnant women.

Not Trying Seasoned Canned Tuna Varieties:

Explore pre-seasoned canned tuna options, such as lemon and thyme or honey barbecue, for a quick flavor kick. These ready-to-eat varieties simplify meal prep while offering diverse, tasty options.

Not Draining the Can Properly:

Properly drain canned tuna to prevent excess liquid from diluting your dish. Press the lid to squeeze out moisture, ensuring a firm, flavorful tuna base for salads or sandwiches.

Only Using Water-Packed Tuna:

Discover the rich, enhanced flavor of oil-packed tuna, ideal for salads and gourmet recipes. This type often brings a deeper, more luxurious taste compared to the more common water-packed variety.

Not Trying Mayonnaise Alternatives:

Swap traditional mayo with alternatives like Greek yogurt, mashed avocado, or hummus. These options not only offer different flavors and textures but also introduce healthier.