8 Makeup Artist Secrets Every Woman Should Know

Treat your skin like a canvas. Your makeup won't sit well on dry or rough surfaces.Taking a few extra minutes to exfoliate, hydrate, and prime your skin will improve your makeup application 10 times!

Start with prepped skin

Love your blue eyes? Maybe you've always liked your bigger lips. Choose your preferred characteristic to emphasize if time is short.

Highlight one favorite feature

Less is more when it comes to applying makeup. After all, adding additional cosmetics is simpler than removing them after they've been applied. This is especially true with concealer. 

Start light, and then add

Possess creases or a skin texture similar to crepe on your lids? Depending on how you apply your shadow, you may either make them more prominent or less prominent. 

Use fluffy eye shadow brushes

Which sounds more appealing: smooth, supple lips or a sandpaper pout? The solution is apparent. However, applying lipstick to a dry mouth will result in that bumpy appearance, as well as painful dryness.

Smooth your lips for perfect lipstick application

As you become older, you develop little lines around your mouth. Unfortunately, when you apply lipstick, the color may flow into those thin wrinkles, drawing emphasis to them.

Keep lipstick in its place

Believe it or not, you don't need a lot of products to get a full appearance. Using only one product on your eyes, lips, and cheeks is a cosmetic technique that many professionals swear by. 

Reach for a one-and-done product

No matter how adept you are at applying these cosmetic instructions, accidents will still occur. Don't let it knock you off path, and don't feel compelled to start again. 

Fix mistakes without starting over