8 Items You Shouldn't Buy at Aldi

Brand-Name Products

Like the majority of supermarkets, Aldi offers a line of high-quality, incredibly reasonably priced goods under its own brand.

Paper Products

While it may be tempting to purchase necessities like paper towels and toilet paper at Aldi, there are actually better deals to be found elsewhere.


Devoted Aldi customers are well aware that the boxed chicken isn't particularly noteworthy.


Although Aldi offers a plenty of fresh vegetables, its quality isn't always guaranteed.

Hard Taco Shells

Taco shells that are hard enough to handle your contents should be tasty and long-lasting. Sadly, the Aldi brand falls short of other brands.

Shredded Cheese

Granted, it's convenient to have some shredded cheese in the fridge for tacos or omelettes, but it's not as useful as you may assume.

Deli Meat

Pre-sliced deli meats from Aldi are excellent for a quick school lunch or snack, but the way their stores are designed, they don't have deli counters.


It's usually preferable to get yoghurt from a different supermarket.