8 Herbs That Will Thrive Indoors and Enhance Your Cooking All Year Round


Because it doesn't need much water, rosemary, a plant that comes from the Mediterranean, might be the best houseplant ever. In fact, it hates too much water and will drown quickly if you try to save it too soon.


The same is true for mint: it grows best indoors. You just need some good potting mix, a pot that drains well, and some time to wait. But mint doesn't need as much light as rosemary does. 


If you've never grown plants indoors before, thyme might be a good plant to start with in your indoor herb garden. That's because it's a tough, low-growing plant that's very hard to damage.


You can grow parsley right next to your thyme in a pot if you like it. They get along well because they both like days with lots of straight sunlight and the same watering rules.


Not only do chives add a tasty onion taste to food, they also make you feel good about your own self-worth. They do well almost anywhere because they are easy to grow.


Like Thai food? If so, lemongrass is what you need. Plus, it's a really fun plant for people who are just starting to garden. Put your lemongrass in a pot that drains well, fill it with planting soil, and watch it grow.


Do you want all of your food to taste great? The answer is easy to see: Grow some basil. Put your new basil plant or seeds in a pot and put it next to your chives in a south-facing window that gets six hours of sun a day.


This popular vegetable in Italy grows back every year and does well indoors too. It looks great in the same pot as thyme because they both like the same amount of light and water.