8 Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Women In Their 60s with Grey Hair

If you re over 60 and aiming for a youthful appearance, opt for a layered pixie cut that you can style upwards. This haircut suits narrow foreheads and adds length, ideal for thin, fine hair needing volume.

Short Tousled Grey Hairstyle

Consider a silver graduated bob with long layers to enhance shine and reflect light. Use Shine Flash by Redken for added gloss without weighing hair down. Ask for a shorter back to front for a youthful, edgy shape.

Silver Graduated Bob on Straight Hair

A modern cropped pixie tailored to face shape and height offers daily styling ease, though requires salon upkeep every 4 to 6 weeks.

Chic Gray Side-Swept Short Hair

A textured pixie cut with a swept fringe complements oval, heart, or diamond-shaped faces, balancing a narrow jawline with a wider forehead.

Short Grey Pixie Cut with Swept Fringe

The short slob hairstyle features a chin-length bob with soft, layered ends for a chic, easy-to-maintain look that's styled with volumizing mousse and a round brush.

Short Slob Hairstyle for Grey Haired

Opt for a short haircut to add volume and texture to aging hair, keeping it youthful and manageable with regular trims for a fresh appearance.

Volume and Texture in a Short Haircut

Accepting natural grey hair with a stylish short cut can enhance your look with elegance and modernity, making it low-maintenance yet stunning.

Natural Grey Salt and Pepper Hair

A short grey straight cut adds sophistication and enhances natural texture, ideal for thin hair seeking a fuller appearance with regular salon maintenance.

Grey Straight Cut for Thin Haired