8 Flower Bed Ideas That Are Bursting With Color

Carve Out a Courtyard

Designer Gary McBournie transformed a parking lot into a beautiful garden with a curved brick path, flower beds, and hedges on his Nantucket property.

Let Them Overflow

Architect Peter Pennoyer and designer Katie Ridder's Millbrook, New York home features lush plantings along a stone path leading to the front door, highlighting its bold Umbria Red color.

Leave White Space

Patrick Wade's garden behind a 1930s Spanish Revival bungalow uses boxwood hedges, bushes, and gravel for a fresh, low-maintenance look with striking contrast.

Opt for Low Greenery

Designer Jeremiah Brent's L.A. home guest room porch feels like a getaway with simple flower beds, dark mulch, and low-growing succulents that complement the climbing plants.

Surround a Sculpture

At a country estate designed by Thomas Jayne, a flower bed with roses and shrubbery surrounds a garden sculpture, enhanced by a trellis with climbing vines and roses for a romantic front yard.

Frame a Game

Denler Hobart Gardens framed yard games with plants and flowers at a California home designed by Mark D. Sikes, creating multiple interconnected areas with a mix of traditional.

Go for a Gate

A charming garden gate invites visitors into the front yard flower beds of a Charlotte, North Carolina cottage by Pursley Dixon Architects, featuring simple hedges and a hidden rose garden.

Stick to One Thing

Designer Juan Carretero's Catskills home features a classic row of white hydrangeas along the front walk, evoking the feel of his partner's childhood home in Sussex, England.