8 Cool Summer Haircuts To Bring To Your Stylist in 2024

"This cut is undeniably the epitome of style, and we're eager to embrace it as our go-to summer look."

Blunt Wavy Lob

Her expression alone hints at the hidden allure of this haircut. Possessing the understated charm of a vintage shag, this contemporary rendition is the perfect seasonal upgrade.

Sneaky Shag Cut

How about this: "Our summer hair mantra might just be 'the sleeker, the better'. The subtly angled bob is the ultimate aspiration for those with straight locks."

Razor-Sharp Bob

Updating a longer haircut for a new season is effortlessly achieved with layers, layers, and more layers. This technique helps to lighten the style, making it perfect for the upcoming warmer weather.

Layered Mid-Length

Elevate your signature shoulder cut or bob with a touch of fun and quirkiness by incorporating above-brow bangs, as demonstrated by stylist Sal Salcedo.

Baby Bangs

Update your shag haircut to a summer-ready style by adding numerous short layers for a breezy look.

Shaggy Crop

It's difficult to resist the allure of a stylish, low-maintenance haircut like this subtly A-line shoulder cut crafted by stylist Natalie Anne.

Low-Key Angled Lob

Could there be a more elegant entrance into bob season? We'll hold our breath. This timeless round bob beautifully accentuates the face, offering a flattering embrace.

Soft Rounded Bob