8 Best Evergreen Shrubs for Lovely Landscaping

Azaleas and rhododendrons belong to the same genus, with rhododendrons being broadleaf evergreens, having larger leaves and flowers with ten stamens, used as specimens, in woodland gardens, or as foundation plants


A broadleaf evergreen shrub with variegated green and golden leaves, low-growing and versatile as ground cover, turning pinkish-red in fall, invasive species


A coniferous evergreen with small, lacy needles, performing well in shade, can grow as tall as 75 feet, forming dense living walls when trimmed

Canadian Hemlock 

Needled evergreen shrub with whimsical golden foliage, slow-growing and mounded, with stringy, whip-like branches

False Cypress

Broadleaf evergreen shrub with small dense leaves, ideal for formal hedges and foundation plantings, sensitive to harsh winter winds


Broadleaf evergreen shrub growing 6-10 feet tall, older leaves darken, producing red berries if female holly is pollinated by a nearby male

Blue Holly 

Needled evergreen shrubs and trees with flat spray needles, used for hedges, privacy screens, and shade trees, very similar to cedars

American Arborvitae 

Broadleaf evergreen shrub growing up to 15 feet tall, producing clusters of pink or pinkish-white flowers in spring, planted in masses around foundations, for screens, or in shrub islands

Mountain Laurel