7 Underrated Small Towns In America Worth Visiting

Abbeville, South Carolina

Should you be seeking Southern charm and a charming small town atmosphere, Abbeville ought to be at the top of your list of places to visit in the United States. Architecturally inclined history fans will enjoy meandering through its streets.

Abita Springs, Louisiana

Louisiana is full of culture, not only in New Orleans. Abita Springs, a little community that enjoys the outdoors and provides many of opportunity to discover local activities and views, is located just across Lake Pontchartrain.

Ashburn, Georgia

The constant sense of community in tiny towns is what attracts a lot of people to them. In many strange ways, Ashburn, a little Georgian town, demonstrates its love for its people and everything that they have produced.

Baraboo, Wisconsin

Not only does the name Baraboo sound really amazing, but it also makes a great impression on the tongue. The Ringling Brothers formerly called this small Wisconsin village, which is now regarded as a circus town, home.

Bardstown, Kentucky

You can tell there's fun to be had in Bardstown by its name alone. Both locals and visitors can enjoy the lively musical entertainment and delicious drinks in this small Kentucky town.

Belle Fourche, South Dakota

Are you ready to leave this place behind? Go to South Dakota and spend your time doing something raucous. Belle Fourche has a heritage reminiscent of a cowboy Western that is still felt in the small community today.

Bennington, Vermont

Though they are very different from those in the South or on the West Coast, small communities in New England are yet quite endearing. Here we have Bennington, Vermont, a stunning town with "Practical Magic"-esque architecture.