7 things you should never put in the oven

Putting food directly in the oven without a rack or pan underneath is risky. Juices from cooking can cause fires and release toxic smoke.

Unprotected food Not on a baking tray or container

Don't put paper products in the oven they can catch fire or leak chemicals into your food. Be careful with parchment paper, too it can burn if not properly placed.


Plastic plates and utensils melt in ovens above 200°F. They turn gooey and are tough to clean, like melted cheese in your oven.


Thaw meat before baking to avoid uneven cooking. Best way: fridge, but takes days. Faster: submerge sealed meat in cold water, change water often.

Frozen foods that need thawing

Pot holders are good for holding things, but they can't handle oven heat. They have insulation to protect your hand. Don't put them in the oven; use oven-proof trays.

Pot holders 

Some ceramic plates can't handle the oven's heat. Avoid using fancy ones; they might break. Check if safe for oven or switch to oven-proof dishes.

Ceramic plates

Putting wood in the oven is risky. It catches fire easily at 450-500°F. Even at 300°F, it can get damaged. At 700°F, it instantly combusts. Avoid wooden items in the oven.