7 Spring Flowers to Plant Right This Instant for a Sensational Garden


Tulips are a traditional spring flower, but they don't grow overnight. According to Home Depot, it's best to plant them in the autumn so they're ready for spring.


Given how unpredictable spring weather can be, it's useful to have flowers that keep fresh regardless of the conditions. Snowdrops will pop through even if there is transitional spring snow on the ground.


Like snowdrops, irises bloom in early spring. If you're one of those eager plant parents who can't wait months for blossoms, these beauties were designed for you. 


Next on the list are fragrant lilacs. They will require lots of direct sunshine to blossom, so keep that in mind when selecting a location for them in your yard.

Cherry Blossom

It's no secret that cherry blossoms are among the most beautiful and well-known spring flowers. Although they appear fragile and high-maintenance, you can cultivate them yourself. 

Lily of the Valley

These lilies normally bloom around May. The bell-shaped perennials have a unique aroma, but keep them out of direct sunlight because they prefer shade.


Nothing surpasses daffodils' bright yellow. Don't be scared to plant plenty of these bright perennials. These bulbs should be planted in the fall, but you can buy bunches in pots in spring to brighten your patio.