7 Signs of Aging Well (According To Doctors)

Strong human connections

The epidemic showed us that loneliness is terrible, as U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said, The underreported public health pandemic of loneliness and isolation has hurt individuals and society.

Think of your brain as a muscle

Northwestern Medicine head of geriatrics Dr. Lee Lindquist addressed why socializing is important for mental and cognitive health. According to Lindquist, the brain is a muscle that needs stimulation.

Mental strength

Nashville Vanderbilt Health geriatrician Dr. Parul Goyal told HuffPost that she keeps her patients psychologically strong. Learning new abilities, such as playing new games or taking piano lessons as a youngster.

Find physical activities you like

Physical activity promotes healthy aging. The true issue is finding an activity you love because if you don't, you won't stick to it, said Vanderbilt University Medical Center geriatrician James Powers, M.D. Swimming and gardening

Walk more

One Journal of Aging and Physical exercise research revealed, We found that even light physical activity such as walking was associated with a lower risk of death. At the University of California, San Diego.

Get regular check-ups

Do not wait to see your GP if your meds are not working or you experience weird bodily sensations. Self-help is not shameful, and aging doesn't have to hurt. About 50% of over-50s have insomnia.

Think of the future

UNC School of Medicine geriatrician John A. Batsis said, Age is just a number, but how you feel about it is so important. I have mid- or late-60s people who feel old. Others in their late 80s feel youthful.