7 Privacy Shrubs to Make Your Yard Feel Like a Secluded Oasis

Oakleaf Hydrangea: This shrub offers year-round interest with its dried flower heads and attractive bark, producing large panicles of white flowers maturing to pink shades

Carolina Rose: Ideal for privacy, Carolina rose features fragrant pink flowers with a yellow center in late spring to summer, attracting birds with its red rosehips and providing shelter

Viburnum: Create a fast-growing privacy screen with viburnum, offering visual appeal through vibrant flowers, attractive fall foliage, or shifting colors of new foliage growth.

Plum Pine: An evergreen shrub, plum pine provides year-round privacy with its foliage, growing quickly and tolerating some shade.

Holly: With year-round interest and low-maintenance, holly forms a solid barrier in the yard once established, growing quite tall.

Forsythia: One of the earliest bloomers, forsythia features vibrant yellow bell-shaped flowers in late winter to early spring, with a fast-growing and upright arching habit.

Thuja: A fast-growing evergreen shrub with dense foliage, thuja is ideal for privacy year-round and can be pruned in early spring to maintain desired height and shape.