7 Offbeat U.S. Destinations That Offer More Than Tourist Traps

The Mütter Museum in Philadelphia houses a collection of medical and anatomical oddities, showcasing American medical history with exhibits like slides from Albert Einstein’s brain and the death cast of the original Siamese Twins.

Mütter Museum, Philadelphia

New Orleans’ Museum of Death is a macabre attraction featuring artifacts related to mortality, including items from serial killers, taxidermy, and a suicide machine by Dr. Kevorkian.

Museum of Death, New Orleans

Located in Las Vegas, The Neon Museum displays over 150 retired neon signs from the city. Night tours offer illuminated views of these iconic signs.

The Neon Museum, Las Vegas

An acoustic sculpture in San Francisco Bay, the Wave Organ uses wave action to create sounds through 25 organ pipes, making it a unique musical experience powered by the ocean.

The Wave Organ, San Francisco

Found in Marble Canyon, Arizona, The Wave is a stunning formation of terracotta-colored sandstone known for its picturesque curves and striations, ideal for photography.

The Wave, Arizona

Located in El Paso County, Colorado, Paint Mines Interpretive Park features colorful sandstone formations sculpted by wind and water erosion, once used by Native Americans for pottery clay.

Paint Mines Interpretive Park, Colorado

Dating back to 1935, the Mapparium Globe in Boston is a three-story inverted stained-glass globe showcasing the political world map of the mid-1930s, offering a unique historical perspective.

Mapparium Globe, Boston