7 Best Balance Exercises To Improve Stability And Strength

Supine On Mat Or Bed

On your bed or a mat, lie down. Putting your hands behind your thighs or around your shins can help you flex your knees and bring them near to your chest.

4-Point Stance On Mat Or Bed

On your bed or a mat, lie down. Turn to your right and lie on your stomach in a prone position.

3-Point Stance On Mat Or Bed

Lower yourself to a hands-and-knees position, with your back flat, shoulders pulled down, and knees under your hips.

2-Point Stance On Mat Or Bed (Bird Dog)

Lift your left hand slowly off the mat and reach it forward so that it is parallel to your ear. Raise your thumb toward the sky. Maintain your arm at shoulder height and your shoulder down.

Assisted Kneeling

There will be a gym ball in front of you beside your physical therapist. Put it using your right hand. After you are at ease, carefully elevate your torso while placing your left hand on the ball.

Kneeling To Standing

In front of a stall bar or next to a chair, get down on your hands and knees (hands under shoulders, knees under hips, shoulders pulling down, back flat). Verify that the chair can support your weight and is sturdy enough.

Standing Between Parallel Bars

two parallel bars are held by a stand. Step one foot forward, maintain a strong core and lowered shoulders as you sway side to side.