6 Hairstyles That Will Compliment Any Oval Face

Voluminous Waves and Curls

Achieving a hairdo that adds breadth is crucial for oval faces. Large, voluminous waves or curls work best for this since they give the appearance of having more dimensions.

Chin-Length Bob

For oval faces, the chin-length bob with an even cut around is an appealing option. This simple cut directs attention downward, giving the appearance of a somewhat smaller face.

Blunt Bangs with Straight Hair

For oval faces, blunt bangs are a great alternative since they can create a beautiful balance by making the appearance of less length.


For long oval faces, collarbone-length bobs, or lobs, are the perfect option. This fashionable haircut successfully balances the extended proportions of the face by giving the impression of width.

Face-Framing Layers

Shoulder-length haircuts with face-framing layers are perfect for longer oval faces. The extended proportions of the face are well balanced by this length and layering method.

Slick Middle Part

Smooth midsections are a modern option that go well with oval faces. The face's symmetrical proportions are highlighted by the crisp, straight line in the middle, which also enhances the face's inherent harmony and balance.