5 Plants That Will Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard, According to Pest Experts

Outdoor festivities will soon be in full flow as the weather warms. This is such a lovely time of year, but you don't want pests to annoy you when you're grilling out with friends or just lounging in the yard. Here are the 5 Plants That Will Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard, According to Pest Experts.


Citronella is a familiar essential oil that you have probably used on candles or bug repellant bracelets. However, you may also plant the well-known mosquito-repelling plant in your yard to avoid problems right from the start.


"Mosquitoes can't stand it, plus it has linalool, a chemical that repels them," Clayton explains. This plant is a true winner when planted, and the dried petals can even be used as an itching remedy.


In addition to making your cat extra happy, catnip includes nepetalactone, a chemical that, according to Clayton, repels mosquitoes more effectively than DEET.


Marigolds are cheery, vibrant flowers that will add even more beauty to your yard, but their greatest advantage is that they repel insects with their strong scent.


Copy space with fresh mint on a wooden table. discerning attention Mint is a kitchen essential, and it ought to be in your yard as well. Menthol, which is known to repel and control mosquitoes and other pests, is its most active element.