10 Wonderful Water Features for Any Budget

Visitors cross a bubbling pool on their way to the front door, flanked by tropical plants for a warm welcome. The cheerful waterway enhances the entryway of this Florida home.

Welcoming Waterway: 

A tiered fountain serves as the focal point in a Mediterranean-style plaza. The warm hues of the fountain reflect the home s terra-cotta brickwork and shingles, creating a cohesive and serene courtyard.

Old-World Inspiration:

A narrow pool mirrors the sky above, creating an illusion of greater depth in smaller gardens. Ensure the surface is clear of obstructions for the best reflective effect.

Reflecting the Heavens: 

A custom waterfall flows between hydrangea, ivy, and grasses, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere while combating erosion. A pavilion overlooks the koi pond at the base, offering a serene viewing spot.

Beautifully Bordered Cascades:

Large, repurposed stock tanks create cheerful fountains, surrounded by multilevel beds and native trees. This setup blends seamlessly into an idyllic farmhouse landscape.

Pastoral Fountains: 

A copper water feature is the centerpiece of an eclectic backyard, surrounded by a wood structure lined with metal mesh and various plants, creating a vibrant and inviting space.

Color & Copper: 

Water flows over a limestone retaining wall from an infinity pool, illuminated by landscape lighting for a romantic glow.

Water Wall: 

A simple waterfall set into a wood privacy wall adds a peaceful touch to a modern backyard, with rows of succulents providing a colorful contrast.

Meditative Waters:

Create your own fountain using stacked ceramic planters and industrial-strength glue, offering an affordable and customizable water feature.

Fabricate a Fountain:

A rill filled with water lilies borders a front door promenade, providing peace, good fortune, and picturesque views.

Unusual Approach: