10 Secrets For Ridiculously Good Ribs, According To A Pitmaster

Play it Straight

Choose racks of ribs with straighter bones that lay flat on the grill, avoiding racks with bones sticking out to prevent them from blackening quickly.

Be a Clean Freak

Clean ribs thoroughly before cooking by running your finger along the side of each bone to push out any trapped liquid, which helps prevent the end.

Get a Grip

Remove the membrane from the back of your ribs to allow smoky flavors to penetrate the meat, using a paper towel for a better grip.

Cut the Sugar

Use rubs with low sugar content to avoid burnt spots, reserving sugary applications for basting near the end of cooking.

Get In a Bind

Use mustard or mayonnaise as a binder for your rub, serving as seasoning glue without affecting the flavor.

Get Steamy

Place a small aluminum pan filled with water in your grill over indirect heat to keep ribs moist during cooking.

Fire Away

Cook ribs over indirect heat, maintaining your grill around 250°F, to prevent overcooking and burning.

Don't Panic

If ribs aren t tender, wrap them in foil with butter, apple juice, and barbecue sauce, then return them to the grill and check the internal temperature after an hour.

Get Saucy

Mix your favorite sauce with honey, bring it to a simmer, and baste it onto your ribs right before serving for knockout flavor.

Use Good Wood

Opt for cherry wood to achieve a rich mahogany color on the ribs, enhancing their visual appeal and taste.