10 Insider Tips For Happier Houseplants

The same goes for plants. "Putting your houseplants in the sink or shower or wiping down the leaves with a soft.

Clean Your Plants Regularly

Potted plants need good drainage because they have less soil than in-ground plants.

Improve Drainage Without Fillers

Hancock advises checking roots annually and repotting before they become rootbound.

Monitor the Roots

Hancock recommends adding new potting mix to the old soil when repotting your plant. Let the roots loosen to mix the soils for better drainage.

Combine New Soil With Old

Many common mixes actually repel water if they grow too dry, so if you follow the often-dispensed guidance of adding hydration until water runs off the drainage holes

Water Dry Soil With Care

Orchids are sensitive to crown rot from trapped moisture, so after killing one, I switched to bottom watering with great success.

Try Watering From the Bottom

You must know what light your home provides to keep your houseplants happy and healthy.

Understand Your Light Exposure

You can also catch adult files with sticky bug traps and Mosquito Bits in your soil.

Prevent Pests

Moment-release fertilizer granules are a low-effort technique to feed plants just enough and at the proper moment without burning the roots.

Use Time-Release Fertilizer

It feels good when you observe their growth, but it also can help prevent pest or other problems from getting out of hand.

Make Your Plants Part of the Family