10 Fruity Vegan Raspberry Recipes

Sugar-Free Flapjacks: Bake a batch of these nutritious flapjacks filled with a generous layer of raspberry jam. Perfect for a meal prep-friendly snack all week long.

Raspberry Jam Babka: Elevate your afternoon tea with this yeast-based babka featuring a vibrant raspberry swirl. Watch as it rises into golden brown, braided perfection for a delightful mid-day treat.

Cherry Berry Salad: Keep it fresh with this spiced berry salad featuring naturally sweet berries complemented by woody notes from cardamom and vibrant mint. A gorgeous recipe for summer.

Raspberry Cheesecake: Indulge in this cashew-based raspberry cheesecake with layers of walnut crust, vanilla cheesecake, and raspberry. A refreshing triple-layer dessert perfect for warm days.

Berry Chia Jam: Transform fresh raspberries into a delicious jam with only four ingredients. This nutritious jam requires no cooking and can be enjoyed in various ways.

Raspberry Pop-Tart: Enjoy a childhood favorite with this flaky pastry filled with sweet raspberry filling and topped with a delicate frosting. Refined sugar-free yet satisfyingly sweet.

Raspberry Chocolate Ganache Tart: Indulge in this ultra-decadent tart featuring a rich cocoa and pecan crust filled with raspberry and warm chocolate ganache.

Sugar-Free Banana Bread: Delight in this ultra-moist banana bread with a raspberry compote swirl made from wholesome ingredients. Perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea.

Raspberry Mousse: Whether made with cashews or coconut, this airy and sweet raspberry mousse is an elegant dessert for special occasions.

Raspberry Muffins: Put smiles on your family's faces with these fluffy raspberry muffins dotted with red raspberries and occasional chocolate chips. Fun and tasty for breakfast all week long.